Vintage report 2017, Moravia, Czech Republic

2017 was an average year for whites and very good year for red wines in Moravia, Czech Republic but it was very difficult year for winemakers.

The year started with two frost waves in April, which affected overall production being little below the average – the frost was somewhat selective and hit just some parts of South Moravia.

Summer was warmer than usual and very dry – South Moravia has been suffering from drought for last three years in row and water level is constantly decreasing underground – than heavy rain occurred in September and pushed winemakers to harvest the grapes earlier than usual to avoid a grapes rot. Rain also increased water percentage in the grapes so there is not so much sugar in the grapes in average.

This kind of weather worked quite well for some varietals but not for others. Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc are very nice, also Traminer performs pretty well. On the other hand, Sauvignon suffered quite a lot because of warm weather during the summer, so you can find less on bouquet in Sauvignon than usual. Overall, 2017 white wines are softer.

Reds, in average, perform much better in 2017 than whites and South Moravian winemakers expect very good quality of red wines.

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